A day in the life of…

A day in the life of…
19th September 2017 c360admin

A Volunteer Minibus Driver

I’m up early this morning, looking forward to the day ahead.

My route today involves picking up some regular customers and dropping them off at various locations around the town. Some to get their hair done and others to see the Doctors and Nurses at the local medical centre.

Mostly, my passengers are a happy and appreciative bunch who enjoy a chat and a laugh as we wind our way through the busy morning traffic. Some are occasionally grumpy, but I accept that they might be tired or have challenging medical conditions to deal with, so I remain positive and empathise with them when I can.

I’m allowed to make use of the bus lanes in the Minibus today which makes the journey much simpler, but upsets the Lady in my Sat-Nav who complains loudly about me travelling in “The wrong direction!) This also gives my passengers a laugh.

After I have delivered everyone safely at their destinations, I sometimes make my way back to the depot where I can have a break, a cup of tea and a natter with the Admin team who are busy planning the days ahead for us. They often take the opportunity to persuade us to do “another quick trip” which most of us will do to help out. Today, unfortunately I have to decline as I’m meeting a friend for lunch in town later on. This causes some banter, but it’s ok and I don’t feel under any pressure.

After my break, I jump back in my Minibus and set off to collect the customers that I dropped off earlier. We chat as we go, and on arrival at their home I help them with their bags of shopping and see them safe inside before I leave.

When my days driving is done and the minibus delivered back to the depot, I give it a quick once over to make sure it’s clean and tidy for the next Driver, then I head for home with a feeling of real accomplishment and genuinely confident that I have made a real difference to some lovely people.